November 18 - 19 Los Angeles

Developing your chief creative officer

An intensive two-day workshop designed for executives, senior managers and entrepreneurs.

By harnessing the Science of Creativity, the Action of Creativity and the Language of Creativity, The Right Brain Project delivers advanced approaches in management, strategic planning, and complex problem solving. Our workshop is comprised of interactive dialogue along with engaging exercises that focus on the neuroscience of creativity and creative experimentation through music, visual, and language arts.

Creativity is not exclusive to artistic endeavors—it’s a mindset, a way of operating and being open to new perspectives and solutions. Everyone has the ability to be creative. The Right Brain Project provides leadership tools to empower and enable creative risk within organizations ready to take the leap.

In the workshop you will:

  • Increase your creative confidence
  • Identify opportunities to lead through creativity
  • Engage in creativity experimentation
  • Explore new ways of thinking creatively
  • Learn to listen creatively
  • Apply the technology to a real time project


Creativity is a birthright available to all, but used by few
— Catherine Courage

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