The Neuroscience of Infinite Creative Connections

by Anne-Marie Cziko, Ph.D. Neuroscientist

Every new creative endeavor, no matter how big or small, is the result of a novel network forming, cross-talking or recombining in the brain of it’s creator: the Mona Lisa, double ledger accounting, indoor plumbing, post-it notes and the list goes on and on. This neural infrastructure exists in every single human brain. That means that each human brain on planet earth has the potential for infinite connections of brain areas and unlimited creativity.

Thriving on Creativity

by Julian Ryder, Founder + Chief Creative Officer

Walk into a space where creativity is the natural expression of the people who work there and you immediately sense the presence of something special. No one has to tell you creativity is present, you just know it. It might be the way people are interacting with each other or the physical layout. It might be artwork on the walls or a shift in your mood. One thing is sure, with creativity comes a kind of energy that touches the creative spirit within all of us.

An Exercise in Creativity

by Julian Ryder, Founder + Chief Creative Officer

Google the word creative and you’ll get 598 million hits. Take the time to read all the pages and watch all the videos and you'll become an authority on creativity. Unfortunately, the one thing you won't be is more creative. Being creative is not about how much knowledge you have or something to attain, being creative is a place one comes from. It’s an internal conversation you and I have about ourselves that says I am creative or I am not creative.  

The Start of a New Day

by Anne-Marie Cziko, Ph.D. Neuroscientist and Kelly Kent, Ph.D. Neuroscientist

Elizah arrives to work and walks down the hall. She sees Ali lying on the floor with his golden retriever, Darryl, completely in the zone, working on a still-life drawing; and Shari sitting in her office recliner staring at the ceiling. This is the kind of productivity that Elizah had learned to recognize, a kind that primes her team for creative insight.

Creating the Future

by Julian Ryder, Founder + Chief Creative Officer

I am no longer the President of Ryder Communications Group. I no longer have to make payroll every 14 days. I no longer cut my prices to bring in work. I no longer wait 120 days to get paid. I no longer give my expertise away for free. I no longer work with clients I’ve kept for far too long. I no longer get my six-figure salary or my fancy car paid for, or any of the other perks that come with being the owner of a small design firm.