Why Vacation Time is Good for Business


by Anne-Marie Cziko, Ph.D. Neuroscientist

The brain you use at home or on vacation is the same one you use at work.  As a neuroscientist, I encourage you to think about how to optimize yours and those you are responsible for at work. A fully unplugged and immersive vacation is one way.

Your company is only as creative as the brains of your employees and what feels like a resource drain is in fact a longer-term investment in your company and its success.

Vacations especially those profligate with new experiences build the networks that can inspire innovation.

Downtime allows for that amazing reflective network to activate, merging new networks and birthing new creative ideas

Giving your employees time off also helps with stress management and resiliency, two qualities that are necessary in employees who take on uncertain-to-succeed endeavors.